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Well, its a hoot to have you visit! My quill scribblings are merely a sprinkling of crafty dreams, a dash of vintage finds, and a heap of owl's tales... , Owly Byrd

Peanut M&M

Give a friendly hoot! to Rachel of etsy shop Peanut m&m

Tell us about your shop Peanut M&M

This business of having an on-line shop is very new to me, but I am having fun with it and learning new things on a regular basis. I enjoy the Etsy blogs and newsletters. The Etsy community continually inspire me to improve my shop and try new things.

My focus right now is to share our family collection of owls. My mother-in-law had about 4000 (yes, thousand!) pieces in her collection, and she loved every one of them! There are a lot of wonderful pieces in this collection, and I am hopeful that others will see the value and give these pieces a good home.

Tell us about yourself 

This fall, I would be married to my high school sweetheart for forty years. The years have flown by way too fast! We have two grown sons, both single. I'd love to be a grandma, but am trying to be patient.

I enjoy are reading, gardening, working jigsaw and Sudoku puzzles, having lunch with friends, cooking, and sewing. I am active in my church as the organist, librarian, and part of the women's ministry.

I mentioned that I love to sew, and I am hoping that later this year I can open a second shop on Etsy to feature my American Girl doll clothes, as well as other handmade items. Right now so much of my time has been taken up with the owls that I haven't been able to devote any time to sewing things.

Peanut M&M?

I call my shop Peanut m&m because that is my favorite candy. Plain m&m's are fine, but I am addicted to the peanut ones!

In the meantime, I am enjoying my vintage owl shop. It's great to "meet" buyers from all over the United States and Canada (so far). I have had some wonderful feedback comments from a number of buyers, so my Etsy shop experience has been a good one.

Still to be listed owls... 


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