Who hoo's there?

Well, its a hoot to have you visit! My quill scribblings are merely a sprinkling of crafty dreams, a dash of vintage finds, and a heap of owl's tales... , Owly Byrd


Silly me, sold the snowy owl 
statuette that was our avatar. 
This vintage cookie jar had to come off 
the dusty shelf, ahem, dusty branch, 
to fill in as the new Owly image.
Hmm... what to name the owlet?
Stay tuned for a naming contest with prizes.

Good-bye Snow Owly
who has resettled in the land down under, Australia. 

Visit Snow Owly at his new blog home Mira Narnie 
Don't miss the handcrafted creativity of Brenda. 
Swoop on by Mira Narie Etsy Shop and hang about.


Owl in translation

                            Swahili      bundi
                        Spanish         lechuza
                             French      hibou
                          Russian      Сова
                       Portugese      coruja
                              Polish      sowa
                        Indonesian     hantu
                              Persian       جغد
                           Iclandic          owl



Night Time

Sleepiness swirl fancifully
Lids resists no more
Softness envelops
The dream unfolds

- Owly

Picture posted to Pixdaus


Owl egg cosy

Owl egg cosy tutorial is too wonderful to pass up.
LucyKate Crafts



What is the difference between bakelite and lucite?

The attractiveness of early plastics cause me to do a little digging. Collectics offer a educational article on early plastics titled  BAKELITE, LUCITE, CELLULOID, AND CATALIN INFORMATION, HISTORY, IDENTIFICATION.

Visit the
Bakelite Museum in Germany. The Bakelite hair dryer (pictured) is from the collection. It was produced before 1953 by Fritz Baumgartner. The handle is wooden.  

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

The concept of separate drinking fountains and voting privileges seem so long ago, but we must continue to remember the lessons of the civil rights movement as a People's Movement.

Calendar Holidays & Celebrations

 January 1: New Year's Day
 January 18: Martin Luther King Day
 January 24:
Belly Laugh Day

 February 2: Groundhog Day
 February 14: 
St. Valentines Day
 February 15: Presidents Day

March 17: 
St. Patrick's Day
 April 4: Easter Sunday
 April 1: April Fool's Day
 April 22:
Earth Day

 May 9: Mother's Day
 May 31:Memorial Day

 June 14: Flag Day
 June 20: Father's Day
 July 4: Independence Day USA

 September 6:Labor Day
 September 12: Grandparents' Day
 September 11: Patriot Day

 October 16: Sweetest Day
 October 31: Halloween

 November 2: Election Day
 November 11: Veterans' Day
 November 25: Thanksgiving Day

 December 2-9: Hanukkah

December 25: Christmas Day
 December 26 - Jan 1: Kwanzaa


Tongue Twisters

With the emailing and texting, do your friends even know what you sound like? Better keep up your enunciation with our weekly Tuesday Tongue Twister. Say each tricky twister 3  times in a row, as fast as you can.