Who hoo's there?

Well, its a hoot to have you visit! My quill scribblings are merely a sprinkling of crafty dreams, a dash of vintage finds, and a heap of owl's tales... , Owly Byrd


Welcome Noa of Noica Plush and Graphics to our forest blog. She is in her 4th year of Visual Communications Design in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Noica specializes in making plush toys, graphics and short animations.

Who/What inspires you?

Everything! I love browsing through design websites and books, but I think a lot of it comes from riding the bus or meeting new people especially kids. It makes me happy knowing that kids young and old all over the world can hug my handmade plush reindeer. I also enjoy collecting interesting graphics; Flickr is one of my favorite places to be inspired.

What advice would you give other Etsy sellers?

Just have fun with it, make yourself a fun workspace, find new friends from far away countries, try to help others, create positive thinking and let the world do the rest.

What's your favorite piece from your shop?

Oh that's very hard to choose, I love Robo-bob because it makes me smile!

My favorite color is Orange, I love dogs, I think I'm a cookie monster.

What is your favorite forest animal?

My best friend is a bear. And my boyfriend calls me possum and that's about it.

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