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Well, its a hoot to have you visit! My quill scribblings are merely a sprinkling of crafty dreams, a dash of vintage finds, and a heap of owl's tales... , Owly Byrd

Rachael Amen

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Rachael Amen is the creative artist behind Number 8. Illustrations, photography, dollmaking, and reclaimed vintage dolls are only some of her talents. She devours nostalgia and credits lounging in front of the television as another worthy skill.
Vesna OOAK art doll
Valentine Giclee Print
Hello Chickadee Notecard Set
She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and 5 cats. She one day hopes to shepherd her own gang of mini-goats, as well as, a capybara. Rachael is known for her detailed illustrations and line work. She spends her days searching for inspiration in nature, imagination, dreams...and sometimes really great movies and old books.
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What kind of forest creature are you?    An acorn spirit

Jacob Zook Silkscreen

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A personal/inspiration blog http://rachaelamen.blogspot.com
My (mostly vintage) library: http://radlibrary.blogspot.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tigerluxe
Vintage http://tigerluxe.etsy.com
Artwork http://numbereight.etsy.com